Venturing Strategy

What, where, how and when?

For many corporations, the venturing paradigm is one of emulating the approach of swash-buckling venture capitalists and silicon valley accelerators. For those on this path, there is often an inherent conflict between acting like a VC (quickly turning investments in to an exit and a cash return for the fund) and running a big corporation (sustaining commercial growth and the re-invention of your firm). For other large corporates, the approach to innovation is focused on internal eco-system or harvest venturing and incubation. Finding the right approach and knowing what to focus on isn’t a "one-size fits all" answer. And in some instances, venturing isn’t something that your business should even be doing at all. We work with you to answer these questions.

We also work with you to interpret disruptive or opportunistic theme areas for your business and to uncover actionable commercial insight. This enables you to define a clear rationale on the growth strategy for your business.

Our cross industry insight and access to a live network of technology and entrepreneurial ventures is unique and powerful. It enables you to make sense of embryonic markets, as they happen, and before they reach an inflexion point that catches you off guard. 

It’s an uncomfortable truth that many traditional strategy projects don’t make it beyond a PowerPoint deck, or even worse, by the time the report is  off the printer, the markets and technology you were evaluating has moved on and things have changed.

Strategy is useless without execution. 

Execution is useless if the timing isn’t right.