Active Venturing


When we see corporates launch a trendy accelerator program, we hear the sound of cash being flushed down the pan. The IdeaHub is a curated and targeted corporate scouting program that finds strategically relevant and commercially viable ventures for you to connect and collaborate with.

Rapidly and efficiently screen, evaluate, and meet the ventures in a structured pitch event. This is not an early stage corporate accelerator or an innovation challenge board!  We scout across all stages of venture maturity with a target and focus on ensuring a strong strategic and commercial connect that enables a joint path forward. 

This is commercial delivery, not innovation theatre or a CSR exercise.


Flow is our technology and venture scouting database and platform. With Flow leverage the VentureBright network to improve your scouting activities so you find new technologies and business ideas at an earlier stage, or in areas you had not looked in before.

Gain visibility of the entire landscape of technology and new product options in short, sharp bursts; connect with ideas and businesses you might normally miss.

With Flow,  we deliver curated quarterly market scans, looking for inspirational, strategically relevant, and commercially viable ventures and technologies that could disrupt or inspire your business. 

Connect: Collaborate: Commercialise

A structured program for ensuring success between large corporations and fast growing ventures or technologies beyond their boundaries. It is a milestone driven program that focusses on joint agreements and clear commercial KPI’s. 

Unlike other programs, this is not about the corporation providing access to some desks, a phone and some lawyers! We work with ventures of every stage of maturity and they can be located any where in the world. 

There are a variety of models for working together with start-ups and fast-growing ventures. These range from learning from each other and contractual relationships/joint ventures to minority stakes and full acquisitions.

Keep: Kill: Commercialise

Through our Keep: Kill: Commercialise methodology we find new markets for and commercialise the ideas or under utilised IP, stalling R&D initiatives and other capabilities that you may have in your business. We rapidly validate the market potential and identify the optimum path to implementation

We find partnerships and capital (if necessary) and leverage our ecosystem and network of global technology entrepreneurs and teams to help you extract value. In some instances we will operate on a risk reward model.