What we do

The highest returns are usually the riskiest and the hardest to achieve. On one side, truly disruptive ideas are most often nurtured, developed and incubated by dynamic entrepreneurs. On the other, established corporations have assets, capabilities, IP, customer relationships and channels to market that they seldom exploit to the maximum. 

All businesses, irrespective of size, require interaction between internal and external actors to drive innovation. We are a strategic advisory and corporate venturing firm that focuses on fueling growth through connecting large global corporations and entrepreneurs,  worldwide, to create new value for both. 1 + 1 = 3.

Venturing Strategy

We interpret disruptive or opportunistic theme areas for your business and uncover actionable commercial insight. 

Strategy is useless without execution but execution is useless if the timing isn’t right.

Active Venturing

Our targeted corporate scouting programs are designed to find strategically relevant and commercially viable ventures for your business.

We enable connection, collaboration and mutual commercial growth.

Venture Development

Do you already have a concept or proposition that you think can make a market?

We work with your business to accelerate from idea to proof of concept and from business plans to business in market.