The Founders

Tanvir Mufti accelerates growth and innovation for both large and small firms. He brings a much sought after, actionable perspective, stemming from his product design and corporate venturing background.

Cristina Warren combines strategic, outside-in thinking and deep commercial know-how to help businesses find new growth. Cristina is the former head of business development and innovation for a long established FTSE100 company.

Simon Blair is a creative business builder who leads innovation thinking for large firms across a wide range of industries and geographies. Simon is a specialist in connecting high tech firms with global corporates and finding creative and pragmatic solutions to execution.

Our Network

We have adopted a 21st century approach to enable our corporate partners to access the best available talent for both internal and external venture development.

We resource our projects through our global partner network of independent experts. All our partners have proven experience in strategic venture development for both large corporations and start-ups across a range of industry sectors.  

Depending on the engagement,  we have a range of strategic partnerships with complimentary firms and independent specialists in areas such as Ethnography, Technology Product Development, Rapid Digital Prototyping, IP, Technology scanning and venture investment.